Calvary Church in Miami Florida, is passionate about raising and training leaders, because we believe the future is now

Calvary College provides a platform for people of all ages and backgrounds to be part of a life-changing experience. Students will be able to earn a degree in Biblical Studies through the highest standard of education while being equipped to build the Church of Jesus through hands-on ministry training. We want to empower you to gain leadership skills, develop character and increase your knowledge of God’s word. You will learn, participate and have access to all areas of ministry which will give you a complete understanding of church life.


Start your journey today.


Calvary College students will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies. In addition to this degree you will also gain hands-on ministry experience at Calvary Church. 


Calvary College is a ministry of Calvary Church. We have partnered with Trinity International University to offer the highest level of education and ministry training. Calvary Church is hosting Trinity International University as an instructional site on the church campus. Trinity International University is a regionally accredited institution whose core values are to cultivate academic excellence in a Christ-centered, community focused and culturally engaged manner.  


Students enrolled in this program will:

  • Grasp the message of the Bible

  • Interpret the Scriptures accurately

  • Integrate faith in church and society 

  • Receive leadership training by Calvary Church’s Leadership Team

  • Be fully integrated in Calvary Church Dream Team

  • Develop character through time spent with community and church leaders 


Program Cost: $7,080

Site Fee: $2,500


Total Cost: $9,580 per year 


Trinity International University is a regionally accredited institution and it requires that students apply for federal financial aid (FAFSA).


How can I apply to Calvary College?

Students will need to fill out an online Calvary College Application. We will contact you within a week and schedule an interview. If you are accepted, you will then need to apply to Trinity International University and be accepted by them. 


After submitting my Calvary College Application, when would I receive a response?

Once we receive a completed application, you will get a response within a week with additional information including the next steps. 


Who can I ask for a Pastoral Recommendation?

Pastoral Recommendations can be completed by anyone currently on Pastoral Staff at Calvary Church. 


Do I need to be attending a church to apply?

Calvary College is reserved for those that call Calvary Church home.  


Who will be teaching the classes?

Trinity International University professors. 


Is this an accredited program?

You will receive a degree from Trinity International University who is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is licensed by the Florida Department of Education’s Commission for Independent Education, license #2605.


Can I transfer credits from another institution and/or can I transfer credits from Calvary College to another institution? 

Since Trinity International University will be processing your transcripts and they are a regionally accredited institution, you can transfer credits from another institution depending on the institution and their course numbers, titles, and/or content. You will also be able to transfer credits from our institution upon eligibility. 


How long is the BA in Biblical Studies program?

This is a 4-year degree program




For more information contact: admissions@calvarycollege.us