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At Calvary Church, we are passionate about raising and training leaders, because we believe as leaders are equipped; generations will be impacted!

Calvary Leadership School provides a platform for people of all ages and backgrounds to be part of a life-changing experience. Students will be given a unique understanding & biblical-based perspective on course topics church leaders must be able to answer. We want to empower everyone to gain leadership skills, develop character and increase their knowledge of God’s word. It will provide an opportunity to mature in our faith & grow in our theology.

Equipping Leaders; Impacting Generations

Start your journey today!


Calvary Leadership School is a 2-year, non-accredited program where you will be equipped to grow in your knowledge of God, faith, spirituality and leadership to impact generations to come. 
In a partnership with Theos University, courses will be taught by Pastors at Calvary Church along with Theos University Staff.

Students enrolled at CLS will:

  • Receive a certificate with upon completion of full 2 years from Calvary Church x Theos U 

  • Have access to a semesterly Q&A with Calvary Pastoral Team or member from Theos U Staff

  • Have ability to attend weekly staff meetings at Calvary Church

  • Receive Leadership emails from Calvary Pastoral Team across Semesters

  • Grow in Biblical Literacy

  • Accurately Interpret Scriptures

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